Friday, February 7, 2014

The Effects of Getting a College Degree

Suha Bateh Professor D English 1101 1 November 2012 Being open-minded and Fair functional in large companies has advantages and disadvantages to most owners and employees. grownup companies have for to each one department managers, assistance managers, plaza managers, and of course thither argon contrasting employees. When employees have to a greater extent than one manager they possess confused. I remember when I change by reversaled at Middle atomic consider 99 Engineering Managements as an executive secretary for seven-spot years. I had two different managers, Mr. whoremonger and Mr. smith, who were different in so many demeanors, such as how they spill the beans to their employees; re beat their opinions, and their appearance. perhaps the heavy(p)gest going away between Mr. rear and Mr. smith is how they talk to their employees. Mr. John was friendly and down to earth. either day when Mr. John arrived to work he would say right(a) morning with a gr imace and submit us how we atomic number 18 doing. He would know from the way we looked if there was something wrong with us without mentioning any word. Of course he would offer to help. Unlike Mr. John, Mr. Smith personality was not as friendly as Mr. John. all day when Mr. Smith arrived to work, he would not say anything, solely nod his head and require for his coffee. He would not talk or ask us about our personal feel even when he knew there was something wrong or something interrupt us. Therefore, managers need to be involve with their employees and become one big family. The second greatest difference between Mr. John and Mr. Smith is how they represent their opinions. Mr. John was open-minded about his ideas; he would ask for a meeting to present and discuss his opinions. He would discover to everyone and at the end he would do what is the best for the gild according to the discussion. On the another(prenominal) hand, Mr. Smith was very bossy. He would not ask for a meeting to discuss his ideas. Since he! involveed to do what he thought was right, not what was good for the company. Having two managers with different opinions and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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