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Deco and Streamlined Design Deco and Streamlined Design are deuce synonymous terms because these two rule airs are considered to be the same or related . This common style is cornerstone in Gothic verticality , tho which leans toward the simplicity of nude (St . Louis Public library , 2005More so , it was because of Deco that Streamlined Design was innate(p) In the 1930s ,a new aesthetic evolved in American initiation based on Deco and Functionalist Modernism . Deco is known for its signature overbold , streamlined forms that encourage the eye to glide on the dispassionate , uninterrupted outline of the design . The silklike air of a streamlined design conveys a sense a front . Commonly applied to ocean liners and automobiles , the sleek , current forms hang not only to speed up , and otioseively to the consu merism of the period (Invitinghome , 2003 On the other hand , streamlining had multiple meanings but it is a single(a) style based on aerodynamic simplification to slander resistance to wind or water . It gave products of the depression geezerhood a futuristic glamour--the glamour of speed (Hanks Hoy , 2004 ,.1 . establish on this information , it can be concluded that Deco design gave birth to Streamlined Design but the latter took the style and transformed it into a new formOther reasons why Deco design is fast associated with Streamlined design is because at the era of the depression in 1932 , deco was affiliated with frivolous decorative excess and irresponsible put down . Glittering in the lobbies of largely vitiate office buildings and on the fanciful facades of skyscrapers , the profuse and highly small ornament , whether nonrepresentational or floral , had ceased to amuse paying attention observers . This was viewed as part of the economic problem , while stream lining was seen as a solution . Egmont Arens! , designer and advertising director , ingest in one case said in his telegram to President Franklin D . Roosevelt Streamlining has captured American imagination to mean modern , efficient , well-organized , loving sweet and beautiful Hanks Hoy , 2004 ,.2ReferencesHanks , D .A Hoy , A . October 2004 . Streamlining and Deco in American Design . Magazine Antiques , pp . 1-2Invitinghome .com . 2003 . A brief Deco record . Retrieved February 19 2008 , from http /www .invitinghome .com /art-deco /art-deco-style .htmSt . Louis Public Library . 2005 . Deco-Streamlining Design . Retrieved February 19 , 2008 , from http /exhibits .slpl .org /steedman /data /Steedman1 .asp thread 6 Deco and Streamlined Design scallywag 3...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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